Rupa Banda, the founder of Rupa Dance Academy, has been passionate about dance since her childhood. She was fortunate to get trained in Kuchipudi by renowned guru Late Sri Mahankali Mohan garu. She performed in Kuchipudi Dance festivals held in Kuchipudi village, the prestigious Hyderabad 400 years of celebration, SAARC Summit held in Hyderabad, India, Doordarshan dance programs, Silicon Andhra Kuchipudi conventions and in several Dance ballets.  After moving to USA, Rupa choreographed and performed in various prestigious events and organizations in Dallas/Boston metro/Silicon Valley areas like TANA, NATA, NATS, TANTEX, TAGB, DATA, TPAD, TATA. She was also invited as a judge in various prestigious dance competitions. 

Rupa Banda is also the granddaughter of Late Sri Banda Kanakalingeswara Rao, who was a member of prestigious Sangeet Natak Academy of India and well recognized as the key person who uplifted the Kuchipudi dance form to National and International platforms.

Rupa Banda's passion and creativity towards dance is reflected in her choreography. She has trained students to achieve the milestone of Rangapravesam. Rupa’s artistic interests go beyond the classical Kuchipudi form and she choreographed and performed in several other dance forms like kathak, folk, semi-classical and fusion. An engineer by training, and a senior engineering leader by profession, Rupa she brings discipline and the methodical approach to teaching Kuchipudi. 

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